​120 V 15 amp Service 

​40L X 10W X 8H


                  ZIP LINE

(4) Station Rentals    $2250.00

(2) Station Rentals


​Photo taken at Sun Life Stadium In Miami, Home of the "DOLPHINS​"

GO FINS.............. This is an item that has a waiting list for some dates

Set Up,Attended,Elec Required

$ ​995.00

​Our Candy Store Themed Obstacle Course captures the fun of running through a larger than life candy store surrounded by giant candy! Participants can dash, crawl,climb and slide their way through 40 feet of bright colors and sweet obstacles and they won't want to leave.

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​Tsunami Water Rush Slide


The Funhouse Super  Obstacle Course

Brilliant, bright colors, abstract shapes and creative digital graphics. The closest replica of the carnival mechanical fun houses.

​30L X 25W X 18.5'H This inflatable can be used in different configurations. 3 -120V Service                 $895.00

Promotions Plus Inflatable ​Game Rentals in Tampa    Awesome Inflatable ​Interactive Games For Company Picnics

                     WATER BALL SPHERES POOL ARENA

Very similar to hamster ball...walk,roll,tumble, bounce  in an arena of water. Elec required (2) 110 outlets, water hose required for filling.

25X25 area needed to position unit - 3 spheres


Alien Laser Tag

​Our Bungee Tramp System enables a person to jump over two stories high (20-26') into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults........



​The new 60' Tsunami Water Rush Slide Combo

​Features a radical sliding angle tha's sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Riders scream down this slide and at the bottom, riders continue down 34' of additional sliding fun before landing in the splash pool.........

22W X 60L X 24'H


Welcome To The Larger Than Life Interactive Inflatable Game Rentals Spot In Tampa. Suitable For Company Picnics and Any Really Big Outdoor Events. 

​There is a 300.00 flat fee per truck load to transport setup and attend these huge units from base to your destination. Thank You..

Dual Slip N Slide

the unit has two lanes and two soakers to acommodate more paticipants at a time. Race along a 35' long slide with water shooting down the whole time swishing you toward  a pool of water.

​110 Elec



   An alien space ship has landed!

​With laser guns in hand enter the 40' round space ship and get ready for an exciting game!

    Engage in a futuristic adventure of light, laser and sound by trying to score the most points for your team or for yourself. The inside is filled with a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries during the game.

40'L X 40'W X 20'H

Up To 6 players

​    813-767-7587

​Mega Xtreme Obstacle Challenge

Use together or separate the units. Side X Side (90') or front to back for over 135' of excitement. Tube crouching,pop-ups,log jams, climbs

3-20 Amp service

​$895.00 dry  $995.00 wet